So Miami is coming soon, Megan and I are quite excited about it. Besides beaches, plentiful drinks, and being a party capital, we are excited for a couple things. Megan has her favorites being the museums and possibly a trip to Cape Canaveral, as well as the Ice Cream Museum. Myself on the other hand, I’m ready for Little Havana’s life, the Cuban Culture, and the South Beach glam.

We will have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner in the mansion of the late designer Gianni Versace, and I have had the joy of teaching Megan what not to wear for that and explaining to her another late artist and creator. We are quite excited to see the interior of this mansion that has been a sign of opulence even since it’s creators death. The restaurant itself seems to hold itself to high regards and I’m very excited to have an evening in which I can “treat myself” and hopefully channel my inner Donatella.

And for my more down to earth side, I cannot wait to see how wonderful and vibrant Little Havana is. The Cubans and Puerto Ricans have always been like long lost sisters, so to experience a culture whose history took a drastically different turn than my own will be quite interesting. I believe it will be like walking into your house but everything you have has been replaced by an exact copies.

All together I think that Miami will be a great experience full of wonderful, low key luxury and fun. If it’s good enough for Versace it’s fine by me.


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