Women like me aren’t supposed to run for office.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has without a doubt been a massive inspiration to me this year. Why? Well after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico and left many without electricity, water, and in some cases homes. With the slow responses from both the Puerto Rican and Stateside government many felt abandoned and many died from that neglect. So when I moved up to Pennsylvania and heard that a Puerto Rican woman from The Bronx was running for political offices, it raised hope in me. But in the beginning the hope seemed to not be enough. Living in a small, vaguely prejudice Pennsylvania farm town at the time, seeing a woman of color running for office without massive financial backing and winning just seemed unlikely. I wanted her to win and rise above but after seeing politics in work these past couple years it seemed so unlikely. But then, she won. She brought me hope and renewed my drive, and belief that Latina’s are some of the most powerful people. She was lifted up by her community and she plans to lift it up as well.

Now here I am in Thailand, working with the Peace Corps hoping to lift up another community on the other side. I hope to be able to teach future generations but most of all lift my fellow women, teach girls from a young age that they are powerful, wonderful, and above all, capable of anything they set there minds to.

When my service is done I hope to be able to go to The Bronx, and study International Law at Fordham University. I hope to specialize in women’s rights and help every woman rise up and reach there potential. I hope to inspire women and girls the same way that Alexandria inspired me. I hope to change the game and reinvent the wheel and redefine bravery. I hope to someday meet Alexandria and let her know how much she inspired me and women everywhere. I want to thank her for wearing hoops and red lipstick to her inauguration, and letting little Latinas know that look is powerful for a reason.

And if for some reason, she needs an intern, I’ll be available in 27 months and would love the opportunity.

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